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Introduction about Vietnam-America Education Group

Established since 2003, VMG currently manages and owns Viet My English education system in Dongnai, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang.

Through 10 years of English training, we understand the limitations of learners and are proud to be the first school implementing the orientation programs to help learners know clearly about their level of English and study goals.

With the principle “Each word we say, each thing we do, each product we provide always with responsibility and quality” We often and continuously upgrade our facilities and school equipment, update teaching programs, syllabuses and teaching methods. Especially, we always consider teachers as the key factor to create core values – Training quality. Therefore, we always conform to strict recruiting and training procedures. We always try our best to own experienced, creative and enthusiastic local and foreign teachers.

The orientation of VMG is to continue to expand its scale and improve Viet My Education system, the first priority is for English school system in all provinces of the country. In the following years, we will invest and build our complete education system from pre-school to high school, college and university for undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Besides that, VMG will take part in publishing, modern school equipment and other educational businesses and the target is to be the leading education organization in Vietnam.